LA Rams Run LA

RAMS RUN LA-2-fearture

LA Rams Run LA

Los Angeles, CA –

Tomorrow August 26th  aka “The Fight For LA”     Question?   Is there really a fight?   A fight with who?

If you are from LA or surrounding areas, we know how we feel about outsiders.


LA Rams Run LA, At tomorrows tailgates be on the lookout for special shirts that will be sold.    In collaboration between LARams4Life and RockStar Rams.


Arrive early to the tailgates to be able to score one of these shirts.   They will be specially priced at the event only.

The shirts will be available for purchase online via LARams4Life but at a future date.


Hope everyone is rested and see you all at the games!   Horns Up!   Lets Go RAMS!