Grilling LA Style Dogs aka “LA Dogs”


Los Angeles, California

LA Dogs

If you live in LA or have visited, you know one thing that fills the air with the succulent odor of hot dogs grilling along side of onions, jalapenos and bacon.   Let me introduce you to the “LA Dog”.


Bacon wrapped hot dogs have become the sole proprietary food of Los Angeles, California. This is a greasy, gluttonous, American culinary treasure that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime.  It’s up there with deep dish pizza and apple pie in LA.  Apparently these bad boys have their roots further south into Baja California / TJ Mexico.


LA Dogs Grilling Instructions:


  • 100% Hot Dog
  • White Onions
  • Fat Jalapenios
  • Hot Dog Buns
  • Bacon
  • Chopped Tomatoes
  • Red Bell Peppers
  • Mayonnaise
  • Ketchup
  • (Optional  Bacon wrapped hot dogs)

Anything else you add is optional and may vary from LA Areas.



Process:    Grill the hot dogs along side with the other ingredients.   Let the juices mix is vital to making the perfect LA dog.   Cook time varies based on the size of grill and the temperature, so rule of thumb:  Grill everything until the color starts to get lighter on the tomatoes and onions.   Ensure the bacon around the dog is cooked thru.



How to eat it:   LA Dogs were intended to be a quick food so the best way to eat it is standing up, adding anything else you may want along side with a nice cold brew.   Enjoy!



Next time you see a LA street vendor selling hot dogs, walk up to them and let them know how many you want.

Beats the prices inside the Los Angeles coliseum.


If you are at the game and have a “LA Dog” post your picture on social media with #RamsTailgating .

See you at the games.