Colts vs LA Rams Season Opener Activities


LA Rams Season Starts Now

Los Angeles, CA

Our 1st season game is Sunday September 10, 2017  and how things have changed.

If this is your 1st time attending a game or a tailgate read on …

Arrive Early

The game starts at 1:05 PM PST.    Time fly’s when your having fun so don’t think arriving 1-2 hours before game start is enough time, because its not.   Tailgating starts at 8AM!  





Gate Entry

The gates to get in the game open up at 11AM ( 2 hours before game time).  If you need to get in before  head over to gate #1 and #28 they allow people in 3 hours before game time.    Allow yourself about 45 minutes to get in seated and ready for the opening show.

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